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2022 Property Round Up

2nd January 2023

2022 Property Round Up

2022 has been quite a year: Not only has the political landscape seen a few changes (!) the UK economy and the UK property market have also had some ups and downs...

For us as Property Search Agents, 2022 was certainly interesting!

The strong market at the beginning of the year saw even more buyers turning to professional search agents in order to get a step ahead of the market and access those hidden gems being marketed discreetly and, despite the huge uncertainties in the economy, we are still seeing a number of committed buyers looking for their perfect property.

For the wonderful clients we worked with in 2022, despite it being a sellers market, we've managed to help our clients to secure, on average, a sale price of 5% lower than the guide price and seven out of ten properties that we secured in 2022 were off-market.

It's hard to say exactly what the 2023 property market will look like - early indications show a slowing in house price growth and possibly even a correction in house prices back to pre-pandemic levels - but whatever 2023 has in store, we look forward to helping our clients in 2023 to find their perfect home.