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Your search for the perfect home needn’t be on hold due to COVID19

15th September 2020

Get ahead of the game with a Property Buying Agent

If you are currently living overseas and unable to attend house viewings due to travel retrictions, work and life make it hard for you to commit to in-person viewings or you simply can't find the perfect home despite intensive searching, your property search for the perfect home needn't be put on hold. Now might be the time to get in touch with a Property Finding Agent who can do most of the ground work for you, leaving you to get excited about your potential move and concentrate your efforts on the properties that meet your requirements.

Any buying agent/property finder worth their weight in salt will gain a really clear understanding of exactly what your perfect home looks like (they may even have a clearer idea than you!). They will understand not only your basic requirements, but the finer details and what really floats your boat – the type of architecture you favour, the location that would best suit your lifestyle, the village that your family will thrive in, and the home that you will be happy to come home to at the end of each day.

A property buying agent will work with all of the estate agents within your search area and will be able to source properties and secure viewings for properties that are not even on the market yet - giving you a head start on your search for the perfect home. Buying Agents will be happy to carry out first viewings on your behalf to check that the property really does tick all of the boxes (and sift out any that don't). Your buying agent will always work on your behalf (and not the vendor's) and can support you through the negotiation stage to secure your perfect home at the best possible price.

Here is some advice that Surrey HomeSearch would give anyone considering working with a buying agent:

  1. Get to know your Property Search Agent - it's important that you have a good rapport right from the outset - as they will be your eyes and ears in the property market!
  2. Don’t even consider an agent who also sells houses! You need to know that the buying agent has only your interests in mind, and is not working to get a better deal for their vendor.
  3. Make sure that you understand the process in detail – and have a contract in place with your buying agent. You should be aware of the fee structure from the outset, what you will be charged and when.

At Surrey HomeSearch, we pride ourselves in going above and beyond to support our clients. We work across Surrey, Hampshire and into the surrounding areas and will work with you to find your perfect home.